Instant Website Traffic in South Africa


Are you looking for an instant hit of website traffic? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a massive hit of website visitors? Well, this is possible. However, not everything seems the way it should be.

You probably have come across a number of websites promising a massive hit of visitors for a few dollars. All I can say is – beware! These websites may be able to send you a ton of traffic very quickly, however, this instant traffic is likely to be highly untargeted and worthless.

I would suggest that when you see promises like this that you check them out very carefully and then if you still want to test their offer, test it with a small amount of money only. The truth is, targeted traffic takes significant work. It is not simply going to arrive. You will have to target your efforts in places where your potential customer hangs out to get a positive result. Simply being served thousands of visitors from a third party is not going to get you the results you need.

So, how do you get some instant traffic that is targeted? OK, listen up as here are some important points that you can apply to get some instant hits.

Firstly, consider carefully where you potential customer is likely to hang out. Once you have discovered this, go there and participate. This could be forums or online blogs that are targeted to your niche. Provide links back to your site and you will get some instant traffic. You are not going to get a thousand instant hits. In fact, you will find it very difficult to find any place where you can go and participate and get 1000 instant visitors. Stop looking for it. It simply does not exist.

Targeted traffic is about building your reputation and your website and linking to others in your community, not spending hundreds of dollars and hoping that you will get a return for your cash spent.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule such as programs like Google Adwords. However, these programs can be difficult to use, take a significant amount of time to set up and monitor and are also expensive.

The best thing you can do is add content to your sites, create back links to your sites and participate in your community. Do these things and your trickle of traffic will turn into hundreds of visitors.

If you are looking to Increase Website Traffic, I can show you the only free method that actually gets results. The problem with generating free website traffic is that there are so many ways to do it that it becomes very confusing quickly.

If you are serious about getting free traffic you need to consider this technique. If you continue doing what you are doing, your results will be the same which are no doubt, terrible. Change your business online and actually start making money today. No traffic means no profits.

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Instant Website Traffic With Back-links

Since back-links are so important, how do you build them?

Well, one of the easiest was to start building links back to your site is to utilize website directories. There are many directory-type websites that will index your website(s) and make your business/service/information available to users who are searching for it. Not only do you get an increase in website traffic from these sites but you also get the back-links from these services to your website.

Back-links can be Bad for Business

Having back-links from the leading general directories promotes your site and rank it favorably with the search engines. The other side of the coin is that you can actually negatively affect how the search engines see your website with the wrong directories. As you try to promote your website to increase traffic and your search engine rankings you may accidentally fall into a ‘bad crowd’ (of website directories).

You must be careful when choosing directories for website promotion. The same goes with any other links you use to generate traffic by linking back to your website. A highly respected website with quality content can greatly improve your search engine rankings, while poor quality websites will actually negatively affect your online business; simply from being association with non-search engine friendly websites.

‘Anchor’ Well when Possible

Link quality is an important factor of website promotion and search engine rankings, but link anchor text is also very important. The text that is used for your link is sometimes called ‘descriptive anchor text’ and also must be search engine friendly for the maximum benefit on increasing your website traffic. To become “search engine friendly” your anchor text should contain keywords that describe the content to which they are linked. This may differ depending on which keywords you are choosing to target, as well as what content you’re promoting on the linked page.

Descriptive anchor text is not only beneficial to the search engines’ understanding of what your website is about and therefore an improved search engine ranking, but also for the user who gets a better idea what he or she is clicking through to. This provides you with an even more targeted visitor who is more likely to purchase what your business is selling. Of course you can’t always control how your link is displayed, so focus on linking to quality – related, and high ranking – websites and website directories for maximum website promotion and traffic.