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Women Abortion Clinic in Bahrain

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Women Abortion Clinic in Bahrain

The cost of unsafe abortion

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Counterfeit drugs, quack doctors, knitting needles, pesticides, small bottles filled with improvised explosives inserted into the uterus. These are just some of the things girls and women resort to in desperate attempts to end their pregnancy if safe services are unavailable.

Almost half of all abortions worldwide are unsafe: an estimated 35 million each year. As a result, an estimated seven million women will face complications and 22,800 will die. Restricting safe abortion services does not stop women wanting or needing them. Instead, restrictions make it more likely women will resort to dangerous measures to end a pregnancy, either through untrained backstreet abortionists or by taking matters into their own hands. Globally, 8-11% of maternal deaths are attributed to unsafe abortions[1].

We refuse to be silent while women are dying.

Our experience shows that through working together we can eliminate unsafe abortion. But we cannot do it alone. We need providers, governments, donors and civil society to come together and to make a commitment that the lives of women and girls are worth saving.


Call us at +27787691917


What we do

Wherever we can, we provide safe abortion and post-abortion care services for women and girls who have decided to end a pregnancy. We always respect and comply with national laws and regulations on abortion, but stand shoulder to shoulder with women and girls worldwide in the global drive to liberalise abortion law, eliminate unsafe abortion and prevent maternal deaths. Our position on this is non-negotiable.

Medical abortion

Medical abortion (the abortion pill) involves taking medication to end a pregnancy.

It’s a safe, non-invasive alternative to surgical abortion, which we can offer to women outside of a healthcare environment This means women can have more control over when and where their treatment takes place.

Most of the safe abortion services we provide are medical abortions and medical post-abortion care services. Expanding access to medical abortion continues to be one of the most important tools in combating the harm of unsafe abortion.

Medical abortion: The abortion pill by post

This service is a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy at an early gestation without needing to attend a clinic for treatment. You should contact BPAS on our bookings and information line  +27787691917 to book a telephone consultation and full medical assessment with a trained nurse or midwife who will assess your suitability for treatment. Most women are eligible for NHS funded treatment and we can discuss whether this applies to you when you call.  If treatment is suitable and safe, you will receive abortion pills by post a few days later, or we can book you for an alternative treatment in clinic.

Medical assessment

You will have your consultation and medical assessment over the telephone and have opted for remote abortion pill treatment (pills by post).


We will explain the known risks and complications of your treatment during your telephone assessment. The risks and complications of this treatment are shown below.

Risks and complications of the abortion pill

Significant unavoidable or frequently occurring risks

These are usually easy to treat and rarely have any long-term health effects:

  • You may see a recognisable pregnancy
  • Unpredictable time to complete the procedure (variable)
  • Side effects of drugs such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, dizziness, fever/chills (common)
  • Retained products of conception – where the pregnancy is no longer growing but some of the pregnancy tissue is left behind in the womb (2 in 100)
  • Infection (2 in 1,000)
  • Unpredictable, irregular or prolonged bleeding after the abortion (variable)
  • Pain during the procedure (common)
  • Pregnancy being significantly later than realised (less than 1 in 1,000). Rarely if a much later pregnancy was not suspected, this may mean the abortion fails, there is more pain or bleeding, or in extreme circumstances a live birth

These may require transfer to hospital or surgical procedures, and may have serious long-term health effects:

  • Continuing pregnancy (less than 1 in 100)
  • Haemorrhage – very heavy bleeding (2 in 1,000)
  • Undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy (1 in 7,000)
  • Psychological problems (variable)

Extra procedures that may be necessary

  • Surgical abortion or uterine aspiration (3 in 100)
  • Blood transfusion
  • Laparoscopy or laparotomy – operation to look inside the abdomen
  • Hysterectomy – surgical removal of the womb (2 in 100,000)

Death is very rarely linked to abortion treatment (less than 1 in 100,000 for all abortions).


You will receive your treatment package direct from the pharmacy from 1 to 3 days from your telephone consultation (sometimes longer with Bank Holidays). If your package is delayed in the post for a few days you should still take the tablets as directed once they arrive. The package is plain with no indication of its contents, it will be tracked but not signed for.  Your pack will contain:

  • Medabon pack containing 1 tablet of mifepristone (step 1) and 4 tablets of misoprostol (step 2)
  • 2 plastic wrapped misoprostol tablets (step 3)
  • Pregnancy test (step 4)
  • Codeine (only provided if medically suitable)
  • Your chosen contraceptive pills, patches or rings (if requested and suitable) – you will need to supply your height, weight and blood pressure reading for patches, pills and combined hormonal pills.  Click for details where to get blood pressure readings

Call us at +27787691917


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Call us at +27787691917

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