Advertising guidelines


The purpose of our principles is to make sure that our users receive the information they desire.

Be authentic
Promote content that expresses who you really are and what you actually offer.

Authenticity means being truthful and honest about the product or service you’re promoting. It also means being transparent with people about what they should expect when they interact with your ad, your site and your products or services.

Don’t make misleading or exaggerated claims

Create ads that make you proud 
Your ads should be some of the best stuff people see on Top Adverts.

Don’t promote spam or other bad stuff 
People should be safe from that on this platform.

Put safety first. We never allow ads with:

Adult products and services

False documents

Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia

Illegal activity

False documents

Badware and hacking

Nudity or sexually suggestive content


Be thoughtful with your editorial

Your ads should be:

  • Clear and understandable

    Professional and neatly edited

    Authentic and straightforward

    Positive and aspirational

    Put safety first

Obey applicable laws and regulations 
Keep your advert legal.

You’re responsible for making sure your use of our ad services and your ads follow all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes.

Sell some thing that is legal.

Your advert will be deleted as soon as we notice that you do not respect the above principles.

Forbidden Keywords

Some words are not allowed in order to protect our visitors and to value their faith. If your word is forbidden, you will notice that it will not show, that case, edit your advise and use the correct word or keyword.


No refund after ads submission.

We reserve the right to reject or remove any ad that negatively affects our relationship with people on Top Adverts or goes against our interests. We may also remove ads or categories of ads that get lots of negative feedback or content from people on Top Aderts. These rules may change at any time.

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